19th & 20th OCTOBER 2023

DAY 1 | OCTOBER, 19th



8h30 – 9h15 | Opening Ceremony – UNICAMP Representatives / Luiz Carlos Dias (UNICAMP, Brazil) / Sergio Sosa-Estani (DNDi, Brazil)

9h15 – 11h | LOLA 10 years – DNDi Drug Discovery in Endemic Areas
Chair: Charles Mowbray, DNDi, Switzerland

Helena Nader – Academia Brasileira de Ciências, Brazil – Setting the Scene – Science and Public Health Challenges in Latin America
Jadel Kratz – DNDi, Brazil – Introduction to Drug Discovery and DNDi LOLA Consortium
Luiz Carlos Dias – (UNICAMP, Brazil), Adriano Andricopulo (USP, Brazil) and Carolina Borsoi Moraes (USP, Brazil) – Testimonials of Principal Investigators LOLA
Rafael Ferreira (Croda, Brazil) and María Mollo (CONICET, Argentina) – Testimonials Early-Career Investigators LOLA
Luiza Cruz – DNDi, Brazil – Launch “OpenCHAGAS” Project

11h – 11h30 | Coffee-break and Posters

11h30 – 13h | DMPK Integration within Drug Discovery and Development
Chair: Lidia Lima, UFRJ, Brazil

Lori Ferrins – Northeastern University, United States – Importance of PK-PD
Kevin Read – University of Dundee, United Kingdom – DMPK Considerations in Kinetoplastid Drug Discovery
Manuel Ibarra – Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay – Pharmacometrics in Latin America: barriers, challenges and opportunities
Peter Sjö – DNDi, Switzerland – Standardized Translational Platform – Lessons from COVID-19 Drug Repurposing

13h – 14h30 | Lunch and Networking Session


14h30 – 16h00 | Roundtable – Capacity Strengthening and Sustainable Innovation
Moderator: Glaucius Oliva, USP, Brazil

Richard Gessner – University of Cape Town, South Africa – Pioneering World-Class Drug Discovery in Africa
Amauri Jardim de Paula – Ilum Escola de Ciência, Brazil – Training the New Generation of Scientists
Niels Olsen Câmara – Strengthening and sustainable innovation in Brazil: the FAPESP vision
Thais Haline Vaz Souza – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) – MCTI Strategies for RD&I in Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases

Open Discussion

16h00 – 18h00 | Closed Meeting – Developing Potential New Collaborations
Invited Participants Only

18h30 | End Day 1

DAY 2 | OCTOBER, 20th



9h – 10h30 | Biodiversity and Natural-Products Inspiration
Chair: João Calixto, CIEnP, Brazil

Cristiano Guimarães – Nintx, Brazil – The next generation of therapies based on the Brazilian biodiversity: an opportunity for Brazil to position itself as a global player in pharmaceutical innovation
Hatylas de Azevedo – Aché, Brazil – Fostering natural product drug discovery via strategic partnerships, ethnopharmacology and target-based screening
Monica Pupo – Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil – Novel natural product hits from bacterial symbionts of Brazilian insects
Jean-Robert Ioset – DNDi, Switzerland – Innovative Approaches for Natural Products to Discover New Leads for Neglected Tropical Diseases

10h30 – 11h | Coffee-break and Posters

11h – 12h30 | New Technologies and Approaches for Drug Discovery
Chair: Maria Cristina Nonato, USP, Brazil

Helder Nakaya – Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil – Harnessing Network Medicine to Discover Potential Drug Targets
Carolina Horta – Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), Brazil – Empowering Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence: Uncovering new Candidates for Neglected and Emerging Viral diseases
Aline Ramos Maia Lobba – Centre of Excellence in New Target Discovery: from venom to target validation
Maria Laura Bolognesi – Università di Bologna, Italy – PROTACs in Parasitic Diseases: Dream or Reality?

12h30 – 14h | Lunch and Networking Session


14h – 16h | Contributions from Global Pharma to the Fight Against NTDs
Chair: Katlin Massirer, UNICAMP, Brazil

Srinivasa Rao – Novartis, United States – Discovery of a Pan-Kinetoplastid Proteasome Inhibitor – LXE408
Mike Schrimpf – AbbVie, United States – Flubentylosin – The Long Road Towards Treating River Blindness
Fabian Gusovsky – Eisai, Japan – Eisai’s ongoing efforts on Tropical Diseases
Maria Marco-Martin – GSK, Spain – Combination Therapy for Chagas disease

16h – 16h30 | Coffee-break and Posters

16h30 – 18h | Antiviral Drug Discovery
Chair: Jair Siqueira Neto, UCSD, USA

Annette von Delft – University of Oxford, United Kingdom – The COVID Moonshot – Open science discovery of a novel SARS-CoV-2 MPro inhibitor
Vivian Vasconcelos Costa – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil – Dengue Alliance – Translational Repurposing Platform
Thiago Moreno – Fiocruz, Brazil – From A to MB-905, Brazilian Public-Private partnership on the development of antivirals to fight COVID-19
Daniela Trivella – The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), Brazil – CNPEM drug discovery program and innovative approaches for Natural Products

18h – 19h | Roundtable – The Role of Scientific Communication
Moderator: Flavio Emery, USP, Brazil

Marina Verjovsky, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil – Independent journalist, Science Vs. Missinformation in Brazil´s Twitter
Roxana Tabakman – Independent Journalist, Brazil – Neglected Diseases: Giving the silent sickness a louder voice

Open Discussion

19h – 19h30 | Closing Ceremony – Best Poster Award